Friday, February 18, 2011


When Life give you lemons you make lemonade right?? What if you Hate lemonade then what?? I have always wondered that. Thanks to God for what he has given and for his memory's of what he has taken away. We will never be the same after but we will always be better if we stay on the right path for our life. As one door close's this Year a New one Opens for Us At first it was a door of happens then one of pain and loss and now one of new opportunity's...We can chose to Step all the way through to the unknown but seemingly Bright future or We can Close it and stay here in the Dark...........I chose to step through and see where it takes me it may be a rocky walk but I have faith we will be better off when we find out where we are going then if we stay here and wait for things to change when do things ever change when you sit and wait?


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update on Life

Well it is one month since Lexie has come into this world and I have had the most wonderful time being her Mommy! She is so good and so so Beautiful my life would not be the same with out her. Logan is Adjusting so Amazingly much better then I ever hoped for he Loves Lexie to Pieces! I am still worried and it feels like June will never be here. I just want to know I just want to get the MRI and Know what will happen. Her back is differnt from the boys so that worries me to he feels like she has spine right by her tail bone it is really hard to explan what I mean. I am Praying for the best but perparing for the worst. I love her so much she is such a Joy! I wonder if Sonya would be like Lexie Or Logan or some where between?

We are still living with my mom and will be packing up our house soon to put into storage. I miss my house and having my own space I can not help but feel like a burden on them. We are doing well considering we live 9 people in on tiny apartment.I love my mom but some day's I feel like screaming to be somewhere of my own. We are looking for places now.

I can not believe my Little Girl is 1 month old already! Please Pray For Us We Needed it So much Thank you!