Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Prayers For Lexie!Thank You All!!

Lexie Has a Probable Tethered Spine. She had a Ultrasound and it showed her spine is lower then it should be and is not floating like it should so the neurosurgeon said it is more then likely a Thickened/tight filum terminale (a delicate filament near the tailbone). He said it could be nothing and that is what we are hoping for but he is pretty sure she is tethered. We will not know for sure until July when she is old enough to have the MRI with out as many risks. If she has it she will have Surgery some time between 6 to 8 months and will need to spend at least 3 days in the hospital for the simplest surgery (which is the one that the doctor is almost sure it will be if she dose in fact have a tether) and up from there if it is more complected. This is very hard for us, We have been having so much going on making life hard but have pushed through it all so I know we will get through this to. I went to the doctor with my healthy happy little girl and came out not knowing if my baby is ok. She is my Sweet Girl and this is just another thing that proves what a miracle she truly is! We have to watch for signs of spine damaged between now and July but the doctor says we should not see any because she is so small and will not be using her spine to stand or sit but if we do see weakness of one side of her body or her legs bowl or bladder trouble then to get her in right away. The goal is to get her in for surgery if it is tethered before she is mobile enough to damaged her spine but old enough to handle the anesthesia with out as many risks.I am So So Scared right now for her but I have faith that all will be ok but I am So Scared for my Little Girl. There are so many things that could go wrong that could stop working because of this problem and you can not get function back once it is damaged by this. Please Pray for Complete healing I know what pray can do and it would be awesome to go to the MRI and they say nothing is wrong!! Please Pray for Lexie! Thank You!

Here is a site with some info about Tethered Spines:


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Little Lexie Needs Your Prayers Please!!

Lexie is going for her spine Ultrasound and Neurosurgeon Appointment tomorrow. She has a double fold with dimple at the base of her spine. The doctors are not to worried but want to take no chances so she needed to be seen before 2 weeks. She will be 12 days old. I wanted to see the new Devos Children's Hospital maybe take a tour but I did not want to see the inside of it because they think there is something wrong with one of my Baby's!! It is an Amazing Hospital inside and out but I would rather Not have to go there for this but am glad it is here Thank The Lord!! When we need it! So if you could all Pray for her to be just fine I would really be Grateful to you all Thank You! She is so cute Lexie is now 5 pounds 7 ounces. She is doing great other then this problem. She is a little stuffy but all newborns are and the Boys are adjusting to her well even Logan who I thought would be Horrible but he Loves her SO Much! We are so blessed with all we have in this life! There is alot that has been taken from us our home are keepsakes for our daughter Sonya Everything of Vaule we own our trust in people in this world! We have been staying with my mom and are doing pretty well we have not stayed in the house since I have had Lexie because we do not feel safe I spent so so much time preparing our home for our daughter then to have someone destroy it and never get to bring her home to it! Please say some prayers for us we need it Thank You so much I will update on Lexie Tomorrow! Thank You All!!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Well We Need More Prayer Please! So Unreal but this is True! (Hard to believe all this stuff can happen to one Family I know!!)

Well I come here in Tears and Kind of Heart Broken tonight............................................My Husband Carl Went home today to get a few things and do A few things I asked him to* Sigh*...........When he Got there Our House was Ran Sacked! We Have been Gone for a Day and Some One Kicked in our Back Door and Tore Through Our House!! I Spent So Much time getting things ready for our Daughter to Come Home and Now it is ruined and We will Not go Back to our little House we spent so Much time Prepare for Lexie! We Have No Home that is Safe enough to Bring our Kids to we will not spend another night there...............................Some One Came Through Our House and tore things out of place and Knocked over My Chine Cabinet that Carl got Me for my Birthday With all My passed away Daughters stuff in to and destroyed My Daughters thing, Things I can Never replace. My Wedding Stuff was all Smashed to, Thank God Some of it was Saved! One Little Glass Angel Held Up that 200 pound hutch and Saved Some of My daughters things!! Saved My Little Lexie's swing from being Crushed under the wight of the thing. Mom and Carl said the swing seems to be undamaged! Thank You Lord! They went through my Laundry and Went through my room and My Boys room and Tipped over there beds and tossed their Stuff all Over. They tossed My filing cabinet stuff everywhere and and they went in My room and Flipped My bed and took my top dresser Drawer out and tossed it on my bed! They even took things from My daughters Bed the one I worked so Hard to Put together the one I took Care and Put love into for her to come home to the one that now has to be broke down and Moved to where ever we end up and tossed them all over My my bed. Everything that was important to me has ran sacked!! Why I do not Know. The Police were called they found foot Prints and they May have caught someone I hope!! I am so Lost right Now. I am over Joyed at the Birth of My Daughter but Crushed at the Loss of My Home and My daughters things that I can not get back and The Loss of My New Daughters Home that she will never come to that I prepared for her that I put My Love into. I am Just taking it one step at a time. I have Faith that God Dose Not give us Challenges we Can not Handle. I know I will learn something from this and I know it will Not Rock My Faith!! I Believe In The Lord and That things Happen for A Reason and I will someday Know the reason for it all!! I Know this is the enemy trying to tare me Down Trying to Steal My Faith Trying to Rock My World so I will Crumble But I will Not be Broken I will Not Lose Faith!! Please Pray for Us We Need it Very Bad! We Are Hurting We Have No Home To Take Our Daughter to We have to explain to Our Son's Why they can not go Home. We Need Prayer for Strength and Guidance. Also to find A New Home So we are Not displaced for to long. We Have No Money No Home and Do Not know where to Start on this New Journey! I feel Lost in the Dark But I see the Light and Will Move toward it!! Thank You to All Of You Who Care and Love Us!! We Need your Love your Support your Prayer and Your Kindness!! I do Not Know where we are going from here but I do Know that there is No Place to Go From Here But Up and Out of the Darkness!! Please Pray For My Family And I. Thank You!!


Prayers For My Daughter Please!? Thank You All!!

Prayer Request Please!! Lexie Has to see Dr.Woods (Ped) who will refer us to a Nero-Surgeon when we go Home Because.............*Sigh* Where her back of her spine meet the tail Bone she has an extra Fold of skin and a "dimple" which could be hooked to her spine there like "Mild" Spinenabifada (Sp??) She moves her Legs well so They are Hopeful it is nothing. Bryan also had something Like this and it turned out to be almost something but nothing!! So we are Hoping for the same thing in Lexie's Case!!She May need a Ultrasound or MRI or X-ray of her back! Wow like I said before Every Good thing that happens to me there is some bad I can never Just Enjoy My Joy!! I am Not going to let this get me down Though! I am Holding My Little Miracle as we speak and Sucking up all the Love she Has!!I know we can get through anything with God! I Have Seen The Power Of Pray! It can Move Mountains and Change all Things!! I Have Faith That God Will Protect and Heal Her!! Praise God For All He Has Done For Us and Praise God For All He Will Do!! Just Please Pray For Her!! Thank You!!


Lexie Lou Is Here!!

Baby's Name:Lexie Lou
Date of Birth:1.7.2011
Original Due Date:1.26.2011
Weeks Pregnant:37Weeks 2Days
Weight: 5 pounds 15.1 ounces

Height:18 1/2 inches

Tuesday I went to the Peri to get an Amino then to the Gynourologest for a look in my bladder. The Amino was to check her Lungs because we needed to know what we were dealing with when I had my C-section on Friday(so they could have the NICU team in Place and ready if needed) Because she was coming ready or not! So we had the Amino and Like an hour and a half later the Peri called me to tell me Lexie's Lungs looked great!! So everything was set!!

I was admitted on Thursday at 1pm for observation because I have had low platelets and may need some and I was an hour away so they didn't want it to snow bad and me have to rush in the dark through a blizzard!! Thank goodness we did come in early because it started to snow hard! So I got settled in and they drew blood and my platelets were Lower then ever so they had to give me some.

I got my IV in and got fluid and such and hunkered down for the night of waiting! Doctors came in talked me through every thing and I signed all the forms I needed to.

They gave me a sleeping pill I slept until 6am (so Like 2 hours lol) and then they came to in to talk and do vitals and prep me for the trip down to the main OR (not the special OB one) Because I had the Peri, The GynoUrologest, he GynoOncologest, about 7 Ob residents, 15 ob Nurses, 2 regular OR Nurses, 2 baby Nurses and the anesthesiologist, and a few other people all because I had Placenta Acretta Possible Percerta!

So all these people stood in the corner talking amongst them self's before coming over and talking to me it was crazy all the other people in the waiting area were looking at me like a freak lol.

So they talked and then the Anesthesiologist came to talk to me He told me that he would like to do a general and that meant Carl could not be there to see the birth of our daughter they told him and the rest of my family they would have to wait in the OR Waiting but there were not enough seats so they where split into two waiting rooms. Carl was waiting with me as He explained why he didn't want to do the spinal on me. He said My platelet issue was bad enough that I could bleed into the spinal area and it May Not stop and could do horrible nero and spinal damage also he was worried about if they had to do the hyst,bladder repair and so forth it could be a bad choice to have to hurry put me to sleep and cause damage by int-abating so quickly.

So it was settled I was going under general so the Peri came over and told me they were calling NICU down because Lexie would be effected by the general and would have to be quickly taken to be assitst and may need help Breathing.

They took me back I gave Carl One Last Kiss and I was in the OR. The Peri Also told me I would be Prepped and Cathed before going out so we had the least amount of time with Lexie effected By the Med's. So Ouch cath went in propped on my side scrubbed draped and all the fun stuff. All we were Waiting for was the Nicu Team to be in Place. As soon as they were set The anesthesiologist put the Ox mask on me and told me to take some deep breaths I felt the meds go in the IV it felt like Fire and I was out!!

2 Hours Later I woke up in recovery I guess I was asking about Lexie Before I was even awake! They said she was fine and was on the sixth floor in special care and that my Husband was up with her they told me I would be filled in about her birth when her nurse came back down with news.

So I waited and the Team came in and talked me me about what happened in Surgery. I had a vertical incision both uterine and abdominal that went from my pubic bone almost to my sternum( I have not seen it yet). I did not have to have the Hysterectomy( but will need it in about 6 months when it heal and is normal size) they did not want to do it if they didn't have to it is very risky when it is so big! But I did have my Tubes tide until the hyst. They had to do a little pulling apart the placenta from my bladder and uterus and had to remove a lot of scar tissue and off both. It went better then ever expected.

So then I had to wait to get meds and they did this weird new hip block thing to kind of easy the pain since I did not have the spinal. It was nice to feel my Legs right Away But Hurt So Bad Ouch!

So Finely the baby Nurse Came down and Told me how delivery went! Lexie was born at 10:23 am and was 5 pounds 15.1 ounces and 18 1/2 inches long(pretty shocking since she was estimated to be 7 pounds by Birth Last Week!). Lexie Head Down On Tuesday but some time before Friday she decided to flip much to everyone's surprise and came out Breech!!

When she was born she was not Crying and had agpar of 6 it took them giving her mask ox to get her going and pink her up and then it was 9 she went to the special care nursery on 6 well I was in recovery and Carl was up with her but could not Hold or feed her yet due to some privacy issue the hospital has you can not go in the special care nursery when there are other baby's in there. So The Nurse feed her She had a good Latch and is a good eater!! Carl was up taking pictures but could not hold her.

At 2:30 Pm (4 hours after her Birth) They brought Carl down to me and he told me how small she was and How Beautiful she was about her Bath and her feeding and that he hadn't gotten to hold her and None of the family Had gotten to see her yet (Her Four Brothers, Two Papa's,Three Grand Ma's and 2 Of my Cousins!)

The baby Nurse went to to get her out of the special care nursery on 6 to go down to the normal baby one on 5th the floor we would be staying on. Then she came back down and told us they moved her and we were just waiting for transport to come and get me! Finely almost ready so it took them forever to come down and get me and take me on our way the family was gathered around the window looking at her but I didn't get to talk to any of them before going to the room I didn't get to peek at her either.

They got me all settled in and sent Carl to get the Baby! I was the first to hold her I heard the family coming down the hall and told Carl to Hold them At Bay until I get to have her to myself for a little bit. I held My Tiny Daughter in My Arms and Cried.

This Tiny Miracle was never suppose to be born! This Tiny Little Girl In My Arms came as a total surprise I found out the day I went for my for my hysterectomy consult(Talk About Divine Intervention!!) surprise surprise they told me to terminate that she would never survive! I had 5 huge Bleeds each time with them saying she would not live to see another day each time embarrassed because they were wrong!

2 Hospital Stay that I would never Leave from with out a Preemie Or Still Birth. I was Not suppose to be able to have another Child, I was Not suppose to make it to 37 weeks, I was not suppose to keep my Uterus, I was Told I may Not Come Out Of This Pregnancy with My Life Let alone My Daughters. They told my Husband to get ready to chose who to Save it it came Down to one or the Other.

This Tiny little Girl and I Beat The Odds! All the Prayers Worked and I would like to Thank All Who have Prayed for Us! So I held My Miracal in My Arms and Let the Family Come and Meet her First Her Brothers: My 2 year Old I Thought would Dislike her and not want anything to do with her was first he Welcomed Her with Open Arms! He wanted to Hold Her right Away! He Kissed Her are Protected Her from his Brother Jumping on the Bed! Then my Other 3 then Grandma's and Grandpa's We all passed her around and Shared in Our Miracle In the Blessing That Is Lexie In the Baby That was Not Suppose to Be.