Monday, May 30, 2011


Well I am kind of frustrated with my healthcare.............They say something is wrong but can not figure it out Oh you may have this but there is not enough evidence or you may have that but one blood test came back normal! Ugh isn't 12 years enough haven't I lived with this long enough where do I turn now No one will listen or understand me! I lost My hair my skin is scarred and I have pain and warmth in my joints! I just wish wish I could get better.I am So sick of having No Hair! I loved my hair now it is gone and dose not look like its coming back any time soon. I am so so sick of being sick it is really wearing me down. I can't do this anymore I need to Know what is going on! God Why can't They Find Something!!?? Please if anyone reads this Please Pray for my Health to improve, Thank you!

We are doing well in our house every thing is settling nicely please Pray that our finances stay good so we will not have more to worry about. The kids love it here and have fun outside and with friends which is more then I can say where we use to be. We have a creek and woods and and open field (power lines) We see wild life all over and it is so nice.

Lexie will have her MRI sometime in July I am waiting on pins and needles for them to call me already to tell me the date they are suppose to call me sometime this month....Yeah I know There has only been One day in this month but I am just so so anxious to get the results so we know what we are dealing with. Please Pray she will not have a teatherd spine Thank you!

Well I guess that is it, I have been neglecting my blog for sometime and am sorry I just feel so sick and have so much to do it is hard to get on here! I will try to update more often.I Love writing here. May Be Someone Is Listen By Reading..................Maybe


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