Monday, November 21, 2011


Lexie Finally Had Her Spine Surgery And this is what I wrote on Face Book I Promise I will Write More here Soon! I Have been so neglectful with My Blog!!

Ok Everyone Sorry For The Delay In Details of Lexie's Surgery, It Has Been and Relieving But Very Stressful Day For Us.......................Lexie Went Into Surgery Around 7:15 Am and Was Out By 11:40 Am. Surgery Went Well Thank You God And All Who Prayed For Us! It Also Went Faster Then Expected and Went Smoothly. She Had A Small Piece Of Bone Removed then they disconnected the tether, It had a Few Nerves attached to it but the peeled them right off so Surgery went complication Free In The OR As Far We Can Tell So Far. It Will Take Time To See If That Really Is The Case...................Now To The Stressful Part(Thank You To My Mom For All Her Help!!) Lexie Has To Be Sedated on her Tummy As Flat As Possible For At Least 24 Hours But I have Heard It May Be Up to 3 days! She Has been Having Trouble With The Sedation...............They Came To Get Us After Lexie Woke Up In Recovery and They had Sedated her So We Could Walk to the Room with Her and When She Saw Us She Tried to Get up So They Had to Give Her More Meds............She Has Fought Through The Meds So Many Time I Can't Count..........*Sigh* Then She Has To be Held Down Until She Settles Down SO She Doesn't Hurt Her Back......I Have to Help Hold Her Down Because She Is So Strong. I Can't Touch, Talk two, Kiss, Hold, Or Be Near Lexie As Of Now Same For Carl We are to Stimulating for Her She can stand Everyone Else But Us As Soon As She Hears Our Voice's Her Vitals Go Crazy and She Trys To Crawl to Us. She Can Have No Visitors Or Phone Call's Please Until She Is Not At All Sedated And I Am Not Able To Touch Her, Or Go Near Her, Or Talk In The Same Room As Her. It Breaks My Heart Not being able to Comfort My Sick Hurt Baby! I Know It Is For The Best And She Has And AidSitter That is There Just for Her and Wont Wake Her Up. She Is On 6 Different Meds, Has 2 IV's, A Cath, Presser cuff,leds and o2 censers . She Is Squeaking In Her Sleep LOL Cute!! Sorry It Took So Long To get This Out It's Been Along Hard Stressful Day! Please Continue To Pray For Lexie If You Can And Know I am Grateful and Am Praying For You To!


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