Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Remember Our Baby's!!

Please Remember October 15th to light your candle's at 7pm for the 24 hour wave of light on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance day!! I love you Sonya Marie!! We Remember.
You May Not Know
You May Not See
You May Not Hear
You May Not Care
But I Know
And I See
And I Hear
And I Care
I Am Here
And I Sigh
I have All
My Pain Inside
And I Cry
Just Because You
Can't See
Doesn't Mean It
Doesn't Matter to Me
Please Respect Me
and Know That
My Daughter Is Real
I Love You
My Sweet Sonya Marie!

Remember Our Sweet Little Ones and Remember you May have a Friend that needs you right now. Because No Matter How early or Late a loss is How long you carried your little one or got to hold them in your arms it matters it really matters no matter how long they were here they matter and they are real!!


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