Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Fun and What Not.

We went sledding this weekend and had a great time!Here are some pictures of the outing hope you all like them. Joey is doing fine but has to see a GI specialist soon I will update on that when it happens thanks for the prays. There is no news on my surgery yet but I am hopeful they will call soon to update me on it. Thank you to all that pray for us! We will be in our house by the 1st of the year Praise God but that means being off line for at lest 2 weeks.I have been thinking about Sonya a lot looking for little things to put on her shelf when we get to the house. My husband got me a beautiful china cabinet for my birthday to hold all her things and I am so so thankful for such a loving gift because I didn't know where we would put it all up at and didn't just want to leave it sitting around in a box like it is now.I want every one to see it to know she was here and real and that we love her so so much!I Miss Her so so Much more then I could ever say! Well that's it for now I will right more later Thank you to all that read this a Pray for us we really need all we can get!


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