Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm Back!

Well we are moved and I got a new computer and the net back on! Yay! Now the task of moving all the files from one computer to the other so I can give the old one to my mom that should be fun!I have been just settling and getting back into the routen of things around here. We got our taxes and got the boys bunk beds and bedding payed the rent up for 2 months and some bills and Also bought a new puppy who we named Max and he has quickly became a member of our family and we love him so much!Max is a beautiful Black Cocker Spaniel! He is a great part of our family and I treat him as my baby! Max sleeps with me follows me around and sits with me on the couch. Logan is such a handful!He still dose not sleep at night and he gets into every thing!We are adjusting well to life in our new home it is wonderful to finely have a place to call our own home again! We missed having family dinners and our children getting to play and run around when ever they wanted!We did a lot of work to make this home safe and clean! Carl did a great job painting and cleaning! I love him so so much!

We are mostly settled I got all of Sonya's things in the cabinet that Carl got me for my birthday. I love it so much it is great! I also put up all of our pictures and our wedding shelf. I love to have Sonya's stuff where people can see it. She means so much to me and it feels nice to have her stuff out so all can see and knows she matters and was here in this world though they never saw her!Some people act like I am crazy because I keep all these things for her and get more every time I find something that makes me think of My Sweet Sonya. How I miss her! She would have loved playing with Max and I would have loved watching her. I know that on the day I meet the Lord she will be there at his side or in his or grandmas arms waiting for me and I will scoop her up and never let her go she will be perfect and will never know pain or the cruelty of this world we live in and that I Thank God for! I just love her so so much! I do not expect others to understand but just do not say any thing if you can not be supportive Please just leave me be just let me love My Daughter!Then where do you turn when no one whats to listen and is sick of hearing about her?

I don't know where this life will led me or what Gods plan is for me but I do know that God has gotten me through it all and when I could no longer stand at his side as we walked her carried me in his arms until I could walk on my own again and when I fell he picked me up and stroked my hair and told me it will all be ok in the end and just to let his plan for me be laid out before me and when the time comes I will piece it together and see the true big picture the plain set out for me before I was born. I love My Lord more then any one could understand he is the one guiding light in my life the one who lead me to Carl and who trusted me to raise these Handsome little men I call my sons he is the source of all the good in my life and I praise him every day for this.Thank you God for giving me all you have in my life and for showing me there is so much more to this life then chasing money and you can be even more happy with out a lot of it then with all of the money in the world!!


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