Friday, March 11, 2011

Waiting is So Hard!

Ugh waiting for Lexie to be old enough for her MRI is So hard! I just want to know if she has a teatherd spine so we can take the next step it is clear to me that there is something wrong with her lower spine it feels lower then it should be and she acts like she is in pain if moved or touched the wrong way and you and visually see the folds in her back that are not suppose to be there. Ugh waiting is just so so hard. I do not know how some people wait there whole life away.
On another Note............We got the dream house!! We have been in it for about a week and it is so nice as I am in it more I see some of the little imperfections but that makes it all the more appling to me because it feels more like a home then a show piece I can breath a little better knowing that I can live in the house and not have to worry about every little thing. I enjoy not having to fear for our safety or being jammed in a way to small apartment anymore! It is nice to look out the window and see dear. I don't like the rusty water that is horrid but we will get that fixed!I enjoy that I can send my boys out to play and not have to worry about if they will be safe or them getting in to trouble!


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