Thursday, November 13, 2008

4 month appointment

Well Logan's 4 month appointment went pretty well. He is 13 pounds 10 oz and 24 1/2 in Tall! I was kind of mad because the nurse who we had was new and she forgot to give us the info on the shots and his measurements! So I don't even know what shots he got today and I didn't notice in tell I was home that she had forgotten the info! Ugh so I have to send Carl to get it tomorrow because I want to know what shots he had!I have been going to the same ped for almost 9 years and never once did they forget the info in tell now! The first shot Logan got he didn't even notice it he didn't flinch or cry or any thing but the last 3 he was mad he screamed! He is doing well.He is average for height and weight and he is teething he has a cold but other then that he is fine.The doctor also said he can start cereal at 5 months and then veggies but to hold off on fruits in tell our next appointment ( my kids have a horrible time with fruit)I ordered his high chair today so it will be here by the time he can eat. I am going to get a sippy tomorrow because he likes to hold things with both hands and I think its time for him to start getting familiar with it. None of my kids have had a bottle after a year. Milestone Logan has reached: Laughing (laughs at both visual and touch stimuli) rolling from front to back (almost from back to front) "talking" holding objects sitting with support (can sit alone for 30 sec) thumb sucking turns in circles when on his belly tracks objects with his eyes reach's for people Has preference to who holds him holds head up plays with toys turns pages has real tears mocks (copy's what we are doing) sticks tong out (all the time) he is always rubbing his eyes try's to grab his feet (he has short legs or else he would have already!) blows bubbles and raspberries smiles I can't think of any more at this moment but I am sure there are more! He is getting so so big and he is so super cute! I cant believe he is 4 1/2 months old! How time fly's I miss my little baby but I love all he can do now. Here are some pictures I took of him today.

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