Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jump Jump Jumperoo!

My oh so fussy sick Logan that hasn't let me put him down for days and refuses to sleep is happily playing in his new (slightly used) Jumperoo!! I am do happy! Oh I feel like crud and so dose he and I haven't been able to get any thing done around the house in days because he will not let me put him down! I am just so thrilled to see him so so happy because he has been so fussy and miserable the past 2 weeks! I couldn't afford a new one so we went to a consignment shop where they had one about a month ago and it was already sold so we where bummed so they took down our name and number and told us they would call when one came in. So I waited and waited and then forgot about and out of the blue yesterday they called us and told us they had one Yay! So Dh picked it up today and I am so happy with it. It came from a smoking home (that I was not happy about) so it is slightly yellowed and I had to wash it down with bleach and I washed the cover like 3 time other then that its great! He is almost sleeping! I can't believe he is bouncing himself to sleep!

Here he is!
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