Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life update.

Well every thing is ok as of now we still have a home at this point and our lights and gas and such. We have been really hurting trying to get all caught up we have little food but mange to make it last. We are very grateful for all we have and that we have healthy happy children. God has blessed us in so many ways and has showing him self to us in this time of need. We are really scared we are going to lose the house and are 4 kids will have no place to go. Please pray for us that God will proved what we need. I have faith that we will get through all this hardship and come out on the other end better people! We did get our new car so we can get to town safely and every ones buckled in to safe seats Praise God for that.

My Baby is going to be 9 on Saturday!It doesn't seem like 9 years since I held him in my arms for the first time and fell completely in love with him!! I was 17 so young to have a baby but I loved him so and did every thing I could to make his life as good as it could be. I love him so much! Happy Birthday Joey Mommy loves you!!

He is so super smart and cute and every thing about Joey is amazing!! He is my helper and my teacher he is the love of my life. I have always been so worried since I have had him about getting him taking from me because I don't deserve to have some one so special in my life. He is my heart. I love all my children. We have been through so much we are good people why do we have to suffer when there are people that get things they don't deserve that they didn't work for?

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