Thursday, May 7, 2009


These clouds got to me and Carl the one on the left looks like a fetus of about 10 weeks and the one on the right looks like a newborn and we though it was just the coolest thing we had ever saw. They looked more like baby's before they started braking up but we took pictures later because we were in awe looking at them!! Can you see it??

Logan ready for a walk.

Logan at Lilys baptisma on Easter Sunday

Potato head!! He was not crying just having fun screaming with us!!

Grandma put the blankie on his head!

We are over our heads with our bills our Gas and Lights are due to be shut off any time and I have tried to get help but no one is getting back to me fast enough!! Please Lord and any one who reads this please help us by praying for us we really need it at the moment.
I have been to tired and stress plus busy to sit down and right so I am sorry to myself for that because this is how I get the stress out. Logan keeps me busy and at times I forget to do things that really need to be down like make important calls!!I am so so scared that we will be stuck with no heat or lights and then I will lose my baby's that is my worst fear. Please Lord help some thing to happen so I can keep my lights and gas please.
Carl swicthed sifts and that has been hard to adjust to I miss sleeping with my husband.
Other then the bill thing I have been great I feel more like my self then I have since before I lost Sonya and that fells good to me. My baby is getting so so big he is already 10 months 28 in and 19 pounds. Please think of us when you pray tonight we really need it.


Anonymous said...

Lord, I pray that you will bless Melissa and her family with a beautiful new home and that you will supply all of their needs! Lord, please keep them safe and grant them peace of mind! I pray also that we would have more opportunities to visit them and spend time with their wonderful little men! AMEN!

MelissaLoss said...

Thank you Tilly!