Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Little Lexie Needs Your Prayers Please!!

Lexie is going for her spine Ultrasound and Neurosurgeon Appointment tomorrow. She has a double fold with dimple at the base of her spine. The doctors are not to worried but want to take no chances so she needed to be seen before 2 weeks. She will be 12 days old. I wanted to see the new Devos Children's Hospital maybe take a tour but I did not want to see the inside of it because they think there is something wrong with one of my Baby's!! It is an Amazing Hospital inside and out but I would rather Not have to go there for this but am glad it is here Thank The Lord!! When we need it! So if you could all Pray for her to be just fine I would really be Grateful to you all Thank You! She is so cute Lexie is now 5 pounds 7 ounces. She is doing great other then this problem. She is a little stuffy but all newborns are and the Boys are adjusting to her well even Logan who I thought would be Horrible but he Loves her SO Much! We are so blessed with all we have in this life! There is alot that has been taken from us our home are keepsakes for our daughter Sonya Everything of Vaule we own our trust in people in this world! We have been staying with my mom and are doing pretty well we have not stayed in the house since I have had Lexie because we do not feel safe I spent so so much time preparing our home for our daughter then to have someone destroy it and never get to bring her home to it! Please say some prayers for us we need it Thank You so much I will update on Lexie Tomorrow! Thank You All!!


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