Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Prayers For Lexie!Thank You All!!

Lexie Has a Probable Tethered Spine. She had a Ultrasound and it showed her spine is lower then it should be and is not floating like it should so the neurosurgeon said it is more then likely a Thickened/tight filum terminale (a delicate filament near the tailbone). He said it could be nothing and that is what we are hoping for but he is pretty sure she is tethered. We will not know for sure until July when she is old enough to have the MRI with out as many risks. If she has it she will have Surgery some time between 6 to 8 months and will need to spend at least 3 days in the hospital for the simplest surgery (which is the one that the doctor is almost sure it will be if she dose in fact have a tether) and up from there if it is more complected. This is very hard for us, We have been having so much going on making life hard but have pushed through it all so I know we will get through this to. I went to the doctor with my healthy happy little girl and came out not knowing if my baby is ok. She is my Sweet Girl and this is just another thing that proves what a miracle she truly is! We have to watch for signs of spine damaged between now and July but the doctor says we should not see any because she is so small and will not be using her spine to stand or sit but if we do see weakness of one side of her body or her legs bowl or bladder trouble then to get her in right away. The goal is to get her in for surgery if it is tethered before she is mobile enough to damaged her spine but old enough to handle the anesthesia with out as many risks.I am So So Scared right now for her but I have faith that all will be ok but I am So Scared for my Little Girl. There are so many things that could go wrong that could stop working because of this problem and you can not get function back once it is damaged by this. Please Pray for Complete healing I know what pray can do and it would be awesome to go to the MRI and they say nothing is wrong!! Please Pray for Lexie! Thank You!

Here is a site with some info about Tethered Spines:


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