Saturday, January 8, 2011

Prayers For My Daughter Please!? Thank You All!!

Prayer Request Please!! Lexie Has to see Dr.Woods (Ped) who will refer us to a Nero-Surgeon when we go Home Because.............*Sigh* Where her back of her spine meet the tail Bone she has an extra Fold of skin and a "dimple" which could be hooked to her spine there like "Mild" Spinenabifada (Sp??) She moves her Legs well so They are Hopeful it is nothing. Bryan also had something Like this and it turned out to be almost something but nothing!! So we are Hoping for the same thing in Lexie's Case!!She May need a Ultrasound or MRI or X-ray of her back! Wow like I said before Every Good thing that happens to me there is some bad I can never Just Enjoy My Joy!! I am Not going to let this get me down Though! I am Holding My Little Miracle as we speak and Sucking up all the Love she Has!!I know we can get through anything with God! I Have Seen The Power Of Pray! It can Move Mountains and Change all Things!! I Have Faith That God Will Protect and Heal Her!! Praise God For All He Has Done For Us and Praise God For All He Will Do!! Just Please Pray For Her!! Thank You!!


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