Saturday, January 8, 2011

Well We Need More Prayer Please! So Unreal but this is True! (Hard to believe all this stuff can happen to one Family I know!!)

Well I come here in Tears and Kind of Heart Broken tonight............................................My Husband Carl Went home today to get a few things and do A few things I asked him to* Sigh*...........When he Got there Our House was Ran Sacked! We Have been Gone for a Day and Some One Kicked in our Back Door and Tore Through Our House!! I Spent So Much time getting things ready for our Daughter to Come Home and Now it is ruined and We will Not go Back to our little House we spent so Much time Prepare for Lexie! We Have No Home that is Safe enough to Bring our Kids to we will not spend another night there...............................Some One Came Through Our House and tore things out of place and Knocked over My Chine Cabinet that Carl got Me for my Birthday With all My passed away Daughters stuff in to and destroyed My Daughters thing, Things I can Never replace. My Wedding Stuff was all Smashed to, Thank God Some of it was Saved! One Little Glass Angel Held Up that 200 pound hutch and Saved Some of My daughters things!! Saved My Little Lexie's swing from being Crushed under the wight of the thing. Mom and Carl said the swing seems to be undamaged! Thank You Lord! They went through my Laundry and Went through my room and My Boys room and Tipped over there beds and tossed their Stuff all Over. They tossed My filing cabinet stuff everywhere and and they went in My room and Flipped My bed and took my top dresser Drawer out and tossed it on my bed! They even took things from My daughters Bed the one I worked so Hard to Put together the one I took Care and Put love into for her to come home to the one that now has to be broke down and Moved to where ever we end up and tossed them all over My my bed. Everything that was important to me has ran sacked!! Why I do not Know. The Police were called they found foot Prints and they May have caught someone I hope!! I am so Lost right Now. I am over Joyed at the Birth of My Daughter but Crushed at the Loss of My Home and My daughters things that I can not get back and The Loss of My New Daughters Home that she will never come to that I prepared for her that I put My Love into. I am Just taking it one step at a time. I have Faith that God Dose Not give us Challenges we Can not Handle. I know I will learn something from this and I know it will Not Rock My Faith!! I Believe In The Lord and That things Happen for A Reason and I will someday Know the reason for it all!! I Know this is the enemy trying to tare me Down Trying to Steal My Faith Trying to Rock My World so I will Crumble But I will Not be Broken I will Not Lose Faith!! Please Pray for Us We Need it Very Bad! We Are Hurting We Have No Home To Take Our Daughter to We have to explain to Our Son's Why they can not go Home. We Need Prayer for Strength and Guidance. Also to find A New Home So we are Not displaced for to long. We Have No Money No Home and Do Not know where to Start on this New Journey! I feel Lost in the Dark But I see the Light and Will Move toward it!! Thank You to All Of You Who Care and Love Us!! We Need your Love your Support your Prayer and Your Kindness!! I do Not Know where we are going from here but I do Know that there is No Place to Go From Here But Up and Out of the Darkness!! Please Pray For My Family And I. Thank You!!


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