Monday, November 15, 2010

A Bath

Ahhhhhhhhhh Just got the boys to go to bed I put the baby down and everything is set.............For me to take a nice warm bubble bath by myself for the first time in I don't know how long A Bath WoooHooo right?...........Wrong I get my water drawn and have tons of bubbles in there and I grab my mp3 player get in put on my headphones and lean back and close my eyes it feels so so nice!

Eyes still closed I hear a creek of the door opening my mind races oh no please don't tell me!? I keep my eyes shut at first trying to wish it away but then I hear the first plop splash oh a duck I bet then the next maybe a Ball? Eyes still closed and I feel splash's and plops from other toys and things coming into my Bath time My Bath Time!! Finley I open my eyes and see the beautiful Bright Brown eyes of my 2 year old Son. Hi Mama!! I say Hi Sweety want in? He takes of this diaper and excitedly climbs in to My Bath and proceeds to play and wash himself brush his teeth blissfully unaware that he has interrupted mommy only bath only in month. I lean forward and kiss him softly and said I love you Logie he smiles and laughs and scoops some bubbles in is little cupped had and blows them at me. I forget that I was suppose to get me time I forget to be made at his brothers for waking him I forget everything in the world it is just me and my little boy playing in the tub! Lexie try's to get in on the tub time fun by kicking her brother but he never notices! We splash and play with his duckies and smile...........Oh how I love his little Brown Eye Smile!To think we will not have many moments for just him and I after Lexie comes. She will take a lot of my time leaving him to wonder if he will ever have his mommy.

So a interrupted bath is not so bad when I get to hang out with the coolest little Dude I know! His smile melts me and when I have to be with out him my heart breaks. Really it dose I hate to have him leave me for more then an hour! So when he was ready he grabbed my hand and said out now and I said your done and he said yes. So I get out rap him in a soft blue towel all snugly and warm I get dressed and we lay on the couch and watch Sponge Bob He..............He looks at Me with those Big Brow Eyes Pats My Shoulder and Says..............Mama Mama Love Mama M Happy............Priceless. I Love Him!


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