Friday, November 5, 2010


Ugh I have been sick all week!! I have some kind of stomach thing and it is annoying I have hardly eaten and Lexie has been so Feisty lately and has been upsetting my tummy even more!

Our Van got repo'd today because we owed 200 dollars!! Two hundred dollars that we were going to pay today but now we will have to pay closer to nine to get it back so we said forget it! Ugh like we needed this having to go so far away for the OB and all but we will get by we always do! God Provides!

I have my C-section date it will be on Jan 7th at 9:30 the Ob, Ob urologist and Ob oncologist will all be there just in case they have to dictate some of my bladder because of the Pecreata. Please Keep Lexie and I in your Prayers I may have to go under general and then go to ICU so will not get to see her for some time. It is going to be a tough road and I hope to make it safely to the end but you never know what will happen!!

The kids had a good Halloween Lots of candy and fun!

Please Pray that things will get better for us. We have alot to deal with and so little time till Christmas and Lexie come with no money for either. I am Sure God will Provide but it is still hard!! Thank You ALL


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