Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have been sick for about 3 weeks and it has sucked! I hate it I can not eat very much and I am tired all the time! My boys are rembuckshis to say the lest they are hyper and Happy and Loving and a Handful! They Are Boys. They have been pretty good as I am sick but I can not help being a little annoyed because I am sick. I Love Them so much that is is very hard to stay mad that them very long!

We have been having alot of shootings in our area lately so that means we have been staying inside more and that means limited things they can do! So I have a very loud loud house I am sure any one who walks past double takes by all the noise coming from this little house!! 4 boys is a lot to handle more so when you are on bedrest and your Husband works all the time!! Fun Fun!! I would be very sad if I did not have my noisy boy filled life! I do not know where I would be with out them in my life. My biggest fear is Losing any of them. They are my World and I wish people could see and understand this. Understand I would do anything for their happiness. Why can't people see they are my world every thing I do is for them. I go no where I do nothing with out them. I do not party I do not go out for dates with my Husband I do not go shopping I do not take time for my self I can barley read a book or be on the computer with out my Logan telling me to stop!I have Now spent the whole day search for our lost Hamster found her caught her Lost her and the search is on again But I do it for them because I love them.

I am having a baby Wow I am still Blown away by this statement!! I am Having a baby yeah I am. She will be here in 5 weeks I will leave the Hospital with a little Girl in my arms! It is so surreal. I love her already but how will she fit where will she go in this world of Beautiful Wild and Crazy Boys. How will I handle a Girl?? I will mange I am a Girl After all and The Lord with Not give me More then I can take Right??............Right so day by day that's how it will go.

Our Prayers were answered for a car Thank You to all who Prayed! We go a 1994 Dodge Ram 2500 Van!! 8 Passenger and runs very nice for they age! Carl's dad bought it for us for Christmas and said we deserve it. I thought that was so Nice he doesn't do much for us so this Was a Shock! We are very Thankful and Blessed!!!

I realize this it an 8 passenger Van and it makes me kind of sad because we would have had the room in it for our Whole Family and it Makes Me Miss Sonya Marie! I wish she was here with us but know she is happy and healthy where she is!!

Please Keep Praying For Us Thank You!!


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