Sunday, May 31, 2009

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We didn't get the house we wanted so now we have to look at other options. Ugh it is hard when you have nothing and you don't know what is going to happen next and you have 5 kids!I always ask and wonder why my ex always get's a break in life even though he is the kind of "Person" he is but here I am trying to be good trying to do right and stay strong and I can't check a break for the life of me!! But as I always say good will provide I just have to keep my hope and faith that every thing will work out even when it is going badly.I have Faith that God has his hand on my life and is guiding me where I need to be and I just have to ride along until I am where he wants me to be. I know God has a plan for my family and I I know we where chose to do something great in this world it is just hard to see that it is right now.

On another note we have turned the guardianship papers to the court and we should have a hearing by Tuesday then comes the fight with Rachel's mother. I can't wait till this is all over with.

My next Blog will be on my childrens chromosome abnormalities I will bring the research I have done here and if any one read this you will know all that I know about:

Full(in all cells)Chromosome 8 partial trisomy (My 2 middle boys have this)
Full Monosomy 21(Sonya Died from this)

I will talk about all the stuff I have learned and give links and such. I hope people will look at it and will have there children who have delays tested to see if they have Chromosome problems because I wish I would have when they were born but the test in not standardize on newborns that "seem" healthy so I didn't know until the delays were more sever if they would have done it at newborn stage we could have had preventative intervention and they may not have been so delayed today! So I am fighting to make it a standardized test at our hospital!


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Susan said...

That Stinks that you guys didn't get the house. I am glad that you will be posting info on what Collin and Bryan's chromosome is though. Then when I get definite results from Adrian's I can compare them.