Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things are Ok

Lexie Lou Loss 10 .28.2010 You may be able to tell she was crying see her little lower lip? She was upset by the prob in her face!! My Poor Baby! The Tech even said she was crying. 27 Weeks 1 Day. I got to see her in real time and it was so sad!

Well everything Looked ok. Lexie is Growing great just a bit under average
but most baby's with the problems I have have really slow growth so we
are so happy she is a whopping 2lb 1oz at this time (27 weeks 1 Day). We
are shooting for 36 weeks So in the last week of December she will be
born but OB dose not think we w...ill make it past 34 weeks. I Will have to have a hysterectomy and may need some bladder removed we wont know until the time of the Surgery. Right now everything is good so I am hopeful!! Thank you all for your Prayers they are much wanted and Needed!!She is scheduling it for a day when the best oncology, ob and urology surgeons are there. I am hoping to have her the week after Christmas but if they are all on leave at that time it will b the week before.

She is so cute and looks so much like her Daddy I can not wait to hold her in my arms. I am so Blessed to have so many wonderful Children!! I could not ask for more! I can not wait until this little one joins us and makes are family whole! I miss my Sweet Sonya so much and there is always going to be that place that not even Lexie can fill in my heart but I know God has a Plan for me and I will see one day way she was taken from me and I Rejoice in the fact of knowing I will one day see her again and get to spend eternity with her in my arms!! Some days as I feel Lexie move it is hard not to be sad that I never got this much time with her sister! Would Sonya have liked to lie low would she have kicked me in the most annoying places?? I will never know but I know the I cherish every minute I have with my children I thank God all the time for trusting me with these little souls!!

Thank You God For All You Have Given Me!! I Can Not Wait To See Whats In Store For Us Next!!


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