Monday, October 20, 2008


Today is the hardest day of the year for me. This is the day my daughter was Born. I say born others say miscarried she was only 2 weeks away from being what they call a "Stillborn". I was 18 weeks pregnant with my world was changed for ever. Her name is Sonya Marie I never got to see her or hold her but I loved her so so much and miss her every day. So we are going to go to her grave and put flowers on it and do a balloon release. Even though it has been 2 years it seems as hard as it was that day. They say as you heal it gets easier I am still waiting for the day when its easy. I still cry most nights for her and I always wonder when it will stop. I miss her so so much. People don't understand how I can love some one so much I never even met. I did meet her I knew her she grew inside me for 4 1/2 months I felt her move I sang and read to her and I really loved her. Happy Birthday My sweet Sonya Marie!

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