Sunday, October 26, 2008


Well Carl was suppose to get a new job but it hasn't came through yet and I am getting so worried and stressed out we are almost a month behind on our rent the gas company is threating to shut us off and there is so so much other stuff going on right now I always say I will put it in Gods hands and have faith but its so hard to do that when you worry if next month your kids will have a roof over there heads and such. I know I shouldn't be worrying so much I just cant help it!
On another happier note we are having a bat batman spider man and scream for Halloween! He are going to have so so much fun!
It looks like its going to storm so dark out I keep hearing cracks of thunder and Bryan hides with each one. Windy to the leaves are almost all gone on the trees out side our front window. I am so worried about the impending winter season and how we will get through it all how I will get presents for Christmas and how we will keep our big old house warm(if we still have one)how to buy cloths for Logan when we don't have the money to survive!?

I know it will all work out in the end but its a scary road to the end I just needed to get out my fears.

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