Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bounce Bounce!

Logan Loves his new Bounce Bounce Baby! Well it's not new we got it at a thrift store and it doesn't bounce and is missing a few toys but all I wanted it for was for him to sit up and it serves its purpose and he loves it! I couldn't afford to get a new one money is so so tight. I didn't even know this thing bounced I looked it up online and found out that it did and what pieces it was missing and contacted the company to see how much they would cost. I hope not to much because I think when Logan is older he would really enjoy to bounce and I do not have the 40 dollars to buy a new one of these things this one I bought for 10 bucks! I am just happy he enjoys this toy so much even though all the features do not work!
I love him so much and thank god ever day for him. I almost lost him so many times and think of what life would be like with out him and the heart ache that would be in place of all the love and wonder if we could have lived through it all again if our marriage could have survived the loss of another beloved child that we never got to meet. Where would I be today if he wasn't here with me? I really don't even want to think of it. I just want to praise god every day for him I mean some times I thank him with out even noticing I am just looking at Logan and just thinking thank you God for my son thank you! I love him more then any thing in this world. I wanted a girl so badly but now I don't know what i would ever do with out my little boy. I love all my boys so much. Wow I love my children and my Husband!

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