Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy 4th Birthday My Sweet Sonya Marie! How I miss you so! It never gets easier and I can not believe it has been for whole years since my life was changed for ever. Since my safe world was shadderd and my heart was torn apart. I will have a hole in my life that will never close no matter what I do! I have God to Thank that I am still here and could get through the most horrible time in my life! I have god to Thank for Logan and soon for letting me have my Little Lexie in my arms. I have God to thank for the time I got with Sonya inside me. I Love You MY Sweet Sweet Girl and can not wait to Hold You In Heaven. Words can not say how much I Miss You!

Sonya you have my soul
Sonya you have my Heart
The day you left this earth
you tore my world apart
Sonya I know you fate
and at some later date
we well meet again
and we will begin
Our whole life again!

Mommy Love's You!


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