Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sonya Reburial Service Oct 3rd 2011

Well Sonya Marie was Reburied in a Service at 2pm on Sunday October 3rd 2010. I could not attended because I am in the hospital so Lexie and I can be monitored more closely. My Husband,Mother and Step-dad took my oldest and youngest with them and brought me back pictures. It was Beautiful. I am tore up and Heart Broken from not being able to go. I really wanted to be there and It is Hard So Hard! I Miss Her So Much! I love and think about her every and not a day gos by she is not on my mind. Life is just so unfair at times but God has a plan and someday I will know what his plan for us is and I will see clearly why every thing happened that way it did and understand! I have a hard time with October it is the month my life changed for ever the month that the worst thing I ever had happen did the one thing I would never think would happen to me. Never say never you just don't know what could happen in this life. I Miss You My Sonya Marie!


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