Friday, October 1, 2010


Went to PT and Got the Shock of My Life!!I was Looking out the widow and noticed they were building a new garden and I said Oh I never Knew this was back here? The PT said it wasn't they just built it are Moving the Memorial from General to Hackley. I said WHAT?????? Are they moving the baby's to??She said I don't know so I hurried to the Chapel and found the minister that had Helped me through the Loss of Sonya and she said they are Moving My Baby!! I was frantic because I was not sent anything and she said she had tried but it came back but that is is ok because they are not moving the baby's until Sunday so I had not missed her Reburial!Thank God that I just so happened to be there today or I would have never knew! This is going to be hard Real hard for me Please Pray I can get through this all. October was already a Hard month now it is going to be Harder Carl is really upset that they are moving her and disturbing her resting place and just want to take her home. I am having a hard time with this because it is going to be like losing her all over again.I am so over whelmed by this. I wanted her so badly and then had to lose her and Buried her once and now I have to do it all over again.Why dose life have to be so hard and throw me curve balls like this when I am already scared and under so much stress? Please just Pray that this wont be as hard as it feels it will be. I miss her so much and think about her everyday. When I get something for Lexie I think is this what I would have got for Sonya? When she is Born I will think would Sonya have been this big would Sonya have looked like her? I Miss Her so so very much I can not believe I have to relive this all.


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