Sunday, September 28, 2008


Logan is driving me Crazy! He wont sleep he cry's when ever I put him down. I never get sleep and barely any time to myself because once he gos to sleep I have to take care of the other boys. I would love just to get to read a book but I am scared that I will never get to finish it! I love him so so much and would not trade him for the world but come on he only sleeps at the most 15 min at a time! He is super cute though my dad made him smile so big yesterday it was super cute! He also dose this leaning thing if he wants some one he will lean torweds them its so cute! I love him so so much and thank God every day for giving him to me he truly is a blessing just a very needed blessing! Carl isn't helping this moring he told me (when I said I was tired and he wakes every 15 min and I just needed a break)Welcome to the real world I was like what! This has been my world for 2 months I think you need to wake up and see the real world! I was very upset. Ugh and I broke the window in the front door thats just what we need right before winter and when we are so tight I shut the door and the moldings a messed up so the glass just fell. Life well get better I have my family I love and a wonderful husband What more could I ask for!? I just hope we can make enough money to keep the house I really do not want to lose it.

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