Friday, September 19, 2008

Bryan get's MRSA Logan get's phenomena!

Well on September 1st this is what I wrote in my journal about Bryan having Mrsa!"My son Bryan has Mrsa!! I can't believe it this is so crazy! It all started on Thursday Bryan cut his pinkie down to the bone so we took him to the hospital to get it looked at and it was fine they cleaned it and rapped it and sent him home. Well Friday he had what looked to be a spider bite on his ankle no big deal I just put on some ointment and a band-aid and he was fine. Well Saturday he wasn't feeling so well so I gave him some pain med and he took a nap at around 5 pm he woke crying uncontrollably and would not stop it was all red and swollen! So I had Carl take him in and they said it was mrsa! So they gave him 2 meds and sent him home with it wrapped and told us to bring him back in 24 hours. Well it got so red I decided to take him in early and they took one look at it and put him on an Iv. So he just got off it it looks so so much better and we have to bring him back in 2 days. So I took my son in to get a little cut looked at and he came out with a deadly disease!" He is fine now and I am so so happy we caught it early!

Then the same night Logan had to go in for a fever And this is what I wrote then September 2nd 2008"Well its been a hard day today! Last night Logan woke up really hot and I took his temp and he was 100.6 so I called the doctor and they told me to take him to the er. So I did when we got there hos temp was 101.6 my poor baby! So that told me they had to take blood put in an Iv and do a spinal tap! So it took 7 pokes and 2 blown veins to finely get the IV in it was horrible I was in tears by the time they poked him the third time! So we where in the er for 6 hours they were suppose to do a chest X ray but the er doctor thought he didn't need it so they admitted him for at lest 48 hours. Well we were sent to his room and the peds doctor said he wanted to do a chest x ray (we still had no idea what was wrong with him!) and I said ok they brought the x ray right in his room. Well we finely got the ray back and it looks like phenomena so he is a meds and we are hoping to be out of here on Thursday morning! I was so scared."

We didn't get out in tell Friday after noon and before we left he had to have that IV replaced 4 times every tiny spot on his arms and legs was poked my poor poor baby! My kids also started School that week so because I was in the hospital with Logan(I would not leave him alone there) I missed there first day! but dad got pictures! Logan and Bryan are fine now but that was a scary week for me!

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