Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just an update.

Well I have not wrote in a while so I will take the time now that Logan's sleeping! He is so so needed I can't put him down or he cry's he wont sleep more then five mins and be back up and crying for me to hold him! He doesn't want any one else but mom So I put him to sleep and try to put him down and he wakes up! He is so super cute though I love him so so much! He is smiling more and try's to laugh! He is about 12 pounds now and is 23 in we had to push back his shots because he was sick so he will get them next week not looking forward to it! He is getting more hair and his brothers love him so so much. I am so lucky I can't wait in tell he is old enough to play with them. Our rent went up 200 dollars to 600 because we can't buy the house so if we are going to stay in it our landlord wants extra because he cant see it with us here with a 200 dollar gas bill and 100 dollar light bill I will have to go get a job I hate to leave the boys but I have to keep them in a home!Other then that we have been ok my husband Carl has been sick so I have been worried about him and he had to miss work (worst timing ever!) but he is better now. We will get through this we always do because God is good and we always seem to get lefted up at the right times. I am so so mad at him though I told him he could get a tattoo for our anniversary and he came back with my name on him! Can you believe it! He got me the purse I really wanted so I am happy! I can't believe we will be married for a year on Monday!

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