Friday, September 19, 2008

My story part 6 / Logan's Birth Part 2

Ok so I went back to bed in tell about 7am (I was so tired because I went to see my sister 2 1/2 hours a way on the 3rd because she just had her first baby Lilly and I wanted to be there!) and took a shower and get my son ready and we were out the door by 11:30 ( the birth center was 30 min away and I had to drop off my son to my mom).

I got to the birth center at 12:30 and got into my room and put on the monitor and got my IV in and all the stuff and waited for my doctor to come and talk to me.

So my doctor came in around 2 and told me I would go to the or at 3 and since the baby was still transverse that they may need to do a classic c-section (up and down) so I said ok and waited with my family (my whole family plus Carl's parents!)to go to the or.

So around 2:45 they came in and told me that I would have to wait because the anesthesiologist was at an emergency call so it might be pushed back as far as 4:30! I was so mad I was ready to have Logan in my arms!

At 3:30 they came back and said its time to go we found another one and we were off to the or! Finley!

So I was in the or and the anesthesiologist talked to me and told me what was going to happen blah blah stuff I already knew and we were ready to put in the spinal. So I am hunched over like I am suppose to be and have a death grip on this nurse because it hurts so bad! He first numbs it with like 15 shots and then starts to put the spinal in I start coughing and he says any movements is bad please try to keep still another horrible cough and he says what ever your doing is not good stop! The nurse looks right at him and says shes coughing she cant help it!! Right at that moment he gets it in! I lay down and I start getting numb right away!

So they test to see if I am numb enough and I am so they start the c-section it seems to take for ever before I hear them say ok we can see the uterus!Then I here them say there so much blood I think we hit the placenta!So they had to cut up higher and up and down (low placenta) and I felt the pulling and he was out!

He was born at 4:06pm First they said Oh hes baled (not true but he did look baled!) then they said oh and he's a boy! Then they said he's peeing (as I saw him for the first time!) So Carl left my side to go be with Logan and cut his cord and he brought him over to see me! He was so handsome!

Carl went with Logan to the nursery well they finished closeing me up. The nurse called and said he was 6 10 and 19 in and my doctor says hey you were almost rigth on! Then I went in to recovery and they were suppose to bring him in to see me but instead they gave him a bath and let my family look at him!

I was back in my room with in 20 min and got to hold and feed Logan for the first time. I was in Love!

I was in the hospital for 4 days and got to go home at 7:30pm on Monday the 7th!

they wanted to keep me an extra day but didn't because I had a lot of bruising (the worst they ever saw) and my incision looked infected. I wish they would have because I would be going through what I am now!

So we got home and every thing was great well on Sunday July 12th the next week I started draining at my incision site so I went to ER to get it looked at they said oh its just infected and gave me some medicine that I already had and sent me home well it stopped after about 24 hours so I was like ok I'm fine like they said.

Well on Friday I started draining a lot more and it wouldn't stop so I called my doctor who was on vacation and said I don't know what to do I cant stop this draining so she said ok I can eather see you to night at midnight when my plane lands or tomorrow morning at 10 am (Saturday) at my office I said 10 am (I didn't want her to have to rush and see me at midnight even though she would she is an awesome doctor!)

So I went in at 10 am and she looked at it and said oh you popped a couple sticths and that I needed a stronger med so she cleaned it packed the part that was open and told me to come back tusday.

So I went back Tuesday and she looked at it and the area that was opened was bigger and under the skin was all opened to about 4 in deep 11in wide so he opened it a little more and told me to come back Thursday to see what we were going to do eather cut it open and send me to wound care to clean and pack it every day are debried it (take out the dead tissue sorry TMI!) then send me to wound care every day to have it packed and cleaned.

So I went back Thursday and she looked at it and it was worse so she decided to do the surgery on Friday July 18th at 1 pm so I had to be there at 11 am. I had the surgery and went through 2 weeks of daily visits to wound care and it hurt and I had and 11 in long and 4 1/2 in deep hole in my tummy!

Its been a tough road and I still have a hole its only like 4 in wide and 1 in deep now she tried to stitch it up on the 18th of august but it just got infected and opened back up I think its the dissolvable stitches!

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