Thursday, September 18, 2008

My story part 4

So we were heart broken and never thought we would have any more children. We decided to move to a better school system to give our kids the best. We got married on September 22nd 2007 it was a beautiful day and we had so so much fun!I love Carl so so much he is a wonderful husband and an awesome father!I thank God every day I have him in my life.

So we had one month come and go and I noticed I was having some signs of pregnancy (I was still 8 days from that time of the month!)so I decided to take a test. I had my mom take me to the store and I took the test in the bathroom.

When it came out positive I cried my mom asked whats wrong and I showed her she said honey isn't this a good thing I said yes but I am so so scared! I bought a little box and some stuff to fill it with and put the test in there and gave it to Carl he was like no your not and I said yes I am!

So we were so so happy and scared! I had a u/s on Nov 26th and I was 6 weeks 3 days the baby's heart rate was 123 I was so happy my little baby was ok the EDD was July 20th 2008! I went to the doctor for my first appointment on Dec 20th 2007 (I was 10 weeks)and she sent me to the high risk doctor because we needed gene testing a CVS.

So every thing was going fine in till the 3rd of Jan the day I was suppose to get my CVS we were walking out the door to go to Grand Rapids for my high risk doctor when I felt a gush of blood and was freaking out and crying and begging God to save my baby.So I spent all day in the Er my blood work was fine I had a U/s and it was awesome! I saw the baby and he/she was so active the tech could not get measurements she finely got them and they said the baby was ahead in growth so instead of the the 20th we are due on the 14th the heart beat was 154! So we went home and I stopped bleeding and every thing was fine in tell the next night when I started bleeding again and went back in every thing was fine again and the baby's heart beat was 179 thank you god. I was on bed rest!

I went to the geneticist on the 7the of Jan 2008 and every thing went great we talked to the gene consular and had a u/s the baby was sleeping and was so cute the heart beat was 162 I am so so happy the baby is ok at this point we decide no to do the CVS because we wanted to test our self's for gene disorders first and then if any thing came back abnormal we would have an amino at 16 weeks!

during the course of this pregnancy I also found out my son Bryan had a gene disorder I took him in for a tremor in his hand and they sent him for blood work and it came back he had a marker chromosome which means he had a little piece of an extra chromosome floating around.We later found out it was the middle of chromosome 8 and that I had it in half my genes but Carl was fine it it was not any thing that would hurt the baby just may cause delays so we decided not to risk an amino at that time. We also found out my son Collin has this same abnormality to.

I had a U/S on March 3rd 2008 and I cried when I saw the baby he was moving all over but gave us a good shot and we finely saw he was a Boy! Logan Lee Loss we loved him already! He was 21 weeks 3 day my new Due date was July 14th, 2008.

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