Thursday, September 18, 2008

My story part 1

I have no idea where to start with this so I will just start from the beginning. I grow up in Muskegon Michigan and had a really hard childhood we were poor I mean dirt poor living in a trailer park for most of my life in tell my mother ditch my father and went back to school so we could have a better life. I went to Grand Haven school where looks and money meant every thing so I wasn't the most popular person in the world ya know not having nice things and all. At lest I didn't get teased very much people were kind of scared of me so they tended to leave me be! Well then my mom moved us to Spring Lake but we went to Fruitport and I hated it it was much to easy for me and I went back to GH! Mom got married and me and her husband could not stand each other (we're good now) and I decided it was time I moved out (wish I would have reconsider!) So I was only 15 years old and could not get my own place so I used my ex to sign a lease he was a bum and I payed all the bills working 15 hours a day and going to school I was getting sick of it and when the month was up I was going to move back to my moms well by the time I was ready to leave him I found I was pregnant (and 16) Ugh! Needless to say I moved back in with my mom but so did the bum I thought it was best for the baby( So wrong!)So we lived with my mother for about 3 months and then we got sick of each other and she thourgh us out so I was 6 months pregnant and homeless(great!)So we went hoping from friend to friends house and then the bum got arrested for a week and I stayed with his brother and then we got back on track and got a home(a trailer!) and were doing ok I was as big as a house and on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy because Joey tried to make an apperence at 27 weeks!

after 2 months (almost 3) of bed rest Joseph Scott came into the world after 19 hours of labor and a c-section at 6:23 pm February 29th, 2000 (leap day) At a beautiful 9 lbs 4oz and 21 in long! I loved him as soon as I saw him! Well we brought him home and then a week later we were on the streets again because bum didn't pay the rent! Ugh! So back to my mothers agian! We stayed with her for four months and then we got another house Joey was 7 months and I was working 14 hours a day and going to school plus taking care of my son it was worthless having the bum around all he did was sleep! November 2000 I found out I was pregnant again (Great!)I was only 17! I had Collin Alexzander on July 2nd 2001 via c-section at 8:01am he was 7lb 11oz and 20 1/2 in he had to spend 18 hours in the incubator but he was fine and I was so happy to have him! The day we got home there was a advection notice on the door bum didn't pay the rent again! So we moved and every thing was ok I slept with Collin in my bed Joey in is room(most of the time) and the bum on the couch!

When Collin was 3 months old the bum and I split (thank God!) and again I was with my mom! I went to school and worked my butt off and finished school in nov 2001 (yay) and moved from my moms house the next year to my own! Well that's when the s*** hit the fan the bum came back (after a year) when I was moving and told my mom I told him he could have ALL THE KIDS STUFF AND TOOK IT! I was so so mad!

Then he went down to FIA and got on welfare for my kids when I had them I knew nothing about this in tell I got an order of support because he was getting welfare! They tried to make me pay child support for kids I had! Well then he came to get them for a visit and they never came back! I called the cops and they told me they could not do anything because we didn't have a custody order!

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