Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This Week

Wow Carl and I have been married for One whole year now! I can not believe it! We went out for our anniversary for dinner and we ate some of our wedding cake(it was gross!) We also went to the mall and bought each other new wallets because we both needed them! I love Carl so so much I am so happy he is my husband! So much has gone on in the last year. Its amazing how the time fly's when you love some one so much! It was very hard right after Logan was born because I was sick and we had to run out every morning to go to wound care and we were so so tried because of all this but it has now gotten better.
Yesterday Logan got his shot's it was so sad he cried and cried! He was 12lb 4oz and 23 1/4 in long he is getting to be a really big boy! We have to Take Joey and Logan to Grand Rapids to have gene testing because of our family chromosome abnormality so we will see what comes out of it. If Logan is found to have it he will be placed in early on to try to head off delays I hope it will work it took along time to get Bryan and Collin to where they are today and they still have along way to go.
Every thing else has been super we are doing great in all areas but we are scared we won't be able to make the new rent next month and that scares me I have never had to worry about the rent before and its got me on pins and needles.
I have to have surgery with in the next 2 weeks because I have 5 limphomas on my back that need to be taken care of So that will be such fun I will be sore only about a week so that part is good.
The walk to remember is on Saturday and I am really looking forward to it. It's a nice way to remember my daughter and get together with other people who know how I feel. I really miss her.
Logan got his first real taste of outdoors the other night we had a bon fire and he wasn't to into it he stays out for a little bit but fussed easyley and was just not to happy with the whole thing but it was fun to get some pictures ans see his face when he saw the fire! He finely had it when a skitter landed on him he was done he wanted to go inside so I sat in here with him while every one else was having fun out side.

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