Friday, September 19, 2008

My story part 5 / Logan's Birth Part 1

So on June 19th I had what was suppose to be my last visit with the ob before he was born on the 23rd every thing went great but she wanted me to have a steroid shot to try to make sure his lungs would be ready for the amino on Sunday so I said ok and went over to the birth center and they put him on the monitor for a half and hour to make sure he was doing alright he was fine but they could get him to acculturate so I was there a bit longer so we could wake him up! Then they gave me this huge shot in my hip it hurt like H*** then they let me go and told me to come back in 24 hours for another one so i went home and slept and did a few things and packed our bags for the hospital and all that fun stuff and went back the next day to have one in the other hip ouch! So that was that. Then on Sunday I went in for the amino and the nurse was a b**** and didn't get any thing she was suppose to get ready done. She put me on the monitor and watched the baby for about 30 min and at noon the doctor came to do the amino so I got to see Logan on u/s he was so cute and still transverse (side to side)! He wouldn't keep his leg out of the way! So an intern comes in to do the amino and ends up messing it up and getting a needle full of blood it hurt so so bad! I had to get poked 4 time my ob finely pushed the intern out of the way and said I will do it my self! So one try she got what we needed. So I had to sit there and be watched for an hour just in case I went into labor I didn't so I got to go home and wait in tell they called me with the results it was the longest 9 hours of my life They called but my husband didn't answer (he thought is was my mom) so they left a message to call them back I was so scared and nervous I thought I was going to throw up! I called and she told me he wasn't ready that his lungs wouldn't work if he was born my heart sank! I was crushed I started cry saying I just want to hold him I just want him out and safe! I was so worried because we lost our daughter and I didn't want to lose him to.

So they told me that my doctor would call me the next day to see what the next step would be. So I was waiting on pins and needles for that call i couldn't sleep all night I took Logan's stuff from the car back to the house and just cried. So the next day she call's me back and says I want to do another amino on Sunday next week come in at 12 I said ok lets do it and she was going to book my c-section for Monday at noon again. So the whole week went by so slow my poor son had to come back from grandmas house and didn't understand why we didn't have a baby yet! So around comes Thursday and they call and tell me they want to do the amino on Friday at noon so I said ok lets do it!

So I went in and they got me all set up fast this time (she told the birth center not to let the lazy nurse near me) and my ob did the amino her self this time it only took one poke fast and easy (Logan was still transverse!) I was there another hour and sent home to wait! Before my ob sent me home she asked if I had any guess's to how big he would be I said 6 lbs 8 oz and 19 1/2 in. I was suppose to call Saturday around noon. I couldn't sleep again all that night and woke up at 6 am at around 10am I couldn't take it any more I had to call! I was so nervous! So I called and they said sorry I don't have any better news to tell you today his lungs a still to inmuter they were at a 42 and had to be at lest 55 so he was at the very low end to risky to take him another c-section canceled!

So my doctor called me on Monday and said we will take him Friday (4th of July) If I can get a team to come in on the holiday so give her a few days to call me back so the nurse calls me back on Wednesday and says ok we are going to have a baby on Friday but we wont know what time in tell tomorrow I say ok and jump up and down I'm so excited! so Thursday they call and say 9 am be there by 7am I said ok I was so so happy! Then they call me back 45 min later and say we have to move it I was like WHAT!!?? and she said yeah an hour ahead because the Anastasie doctor want to do it as early as he could so he could be with his family so I was like great the earlier the better!

So I get every thing ready and in the car and do the last things around the house I need to and get in bed early so I wont be tired when he is born. I wake up at 3 am and cant go back to sleep so I watch tv and the phone rings and its the hospital I am like what now why would they call at 4 am?! They called to tell me that so many baby's were being born that they didn't have enough staff for my or I was so so mad they said we are moving you section back to 3 pm be here at 1 I said ok and hung up and went to tell Carl! We were upset to say the lest and so was my doctor!

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