Friday, September 26, 2008


Well yesterday was a really good day! We went out to lunch and went to do some shopping. We found a really nice Play mat on Freecycle! It has tons of toys and Logan just loves it! It keeps him busy for at least half an hour. We also bought some small toys from a threft store to put on it they are really cute and look brand new and we only paid $4 dollers I also found a toy that fits on his swing it has a place to put toys but they are not included with the swing you have to buy them seprit from the swing and I found one of them at the threft store! Logan has been reaching out to touch the toys and chewing on them and hitting them its so cool I have never seen him do that before.
Logan has been reaching for daddy when I have him and I didn't think he would do that for awhile. I love to see him want daddy so so much! He is just super cute!
The school wants me to put Joey and Collin on med's but I really do not want to they make you into a zomibe and I alway's hated being on them. Joey talks in class and Collin can't sit still. So I guess it may help them in school but the min I see any change thats not good they will be taken off them!
Tomorrow I go to remember my Daugther Sonya Marie at the walk to remember I miss her so so much. I will send a ballon up for her. I really love my baby girl I wish I could hold her and love her.

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