Thursday, September 18, 2008

My story part 2

So it took six months for the court to do any thing they revoked the child support and gave us joint custody which was good I had the kids in the week for school and he had them week ends well then he took them again! And the court wouldn't do any thing so I had to fight and I had to drive an 2 hours to get them every week end! In between all of this mess I had another little boy Bryan on august 1st 2003 via c-section he was 6 ld 10 oz and 20 in he was so cute! His dad chose beer over him so he hasn't seen him since he was six months then I met my husband in July of 2004. Carl (my husband) and I went to go get the boys one day and and the bum said he was moving to LA and taking the kids with him I said oh Hell no and told him I would see him in court. He decided to not fight me and left with out them. He came back in feb of 2006 and said that he was taking them for the week and would bring them to school and such so I wasnt to worried in tell my sons teacher said he was only in school one day and his dad told her they were moving out of state. So I called them and told him to bring back my kids or else and he said I would never see them again! SO I went to a lawyer and had them draw up full custody papers and they had them done and signed by a judge in one day! I thank God for Jen every day she was my angel in a time I needed one.

So I call the cops papers in hand and they say right on them may take children by force while the jerk cop tells us to wait for him about a mile away from the bums moms house (where he was) and we would meet there and go and get them. An hour later he comes and meets us and by the time we got to his moms he was gone.

So I was really upset and we couldn't get any one to lison that he may have already left and then finely we got a cop to lison and he called the state troopers who took us to his mothers house at 12 am and asked her where my kids were she got the bum on the phone and told him the cops were looking for him he refushed to tell us where he was!

So the cops called him and he would not tell them where he was at so the cops put an alert out and sent the kids pictures to all the dept from here to LA!

At 8 am we got a call that he was in IL and he just gave the kids to his parents to bring back he got a flat and he was so scared that the cops would find him he gave in and sent them back( he was looking at 15 years for kidnapping!) when he he got to his house in LA the cops were there waiting for him to make sure he didn't have them.

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