Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Sleepless Night,

Pictures Of What Really Matters To Me In This Life!!I Love You All So Much!!

Where to began? I know I Know this is a lot of blogs for one day I guess I just have a lot to say?Here I sit on another sleepless night worried about my family, our future and Missing our sweet little girl? Wondering and asking God what he wants me to do with my life?Whats my calling? Why is life so so hard?I know the answer to the last question we need hard times to see the good and to learn why we are here we need hard times to test our faith and strength.

I wouldn't be the person I am today if my life was a breeze if every thing always went my way I wouldn't be so thankful for what I have for my family if I hadnt grew up the way I did. My life was hard not as hard as some but hard all the same. I have my family and that is all I need, What if I was into money and material things would I work so much I wouldn't see my family would I lose out on these precious years of my Baby's life's to get ahead in this world and have stuff? Items I can not take with me when I am called home Items that can be replaced if they burn up?That is not a life I want to live a life of chasing a dream that will keep getting bigger and bigger and I will never reach? Nope not me. I want to live a life of enjoying my children going to school events and watching them play. I mean yes I want to one day be comfortable and not have to worry about bills but that's it comfortable.

God,Family,and Friends,People not possessions are the most important parts of my life.Thank you My Father in Heaven For Showing me what is Truly important in this Life I love you My Savor and Praise You several times a day for All You Do for Me!

I miss My Sweet Girl.I think about her often.I love her she is mine she is real and she is so so truly missed.I love you My Sweet Sweet Sonya Marie Mommy can't wait to hold you in heaven!!


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