Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hopeful We Will Get Good News Tomorrow!

Well we were gone all weekend and it was fun hanging out with my Big sister Susan's and her family(Thank you Susan and Steve for having us over and sorry my kids terrorized your house!!) Well we were gone Friday the Leander for the house we are trying to get called and said they had good news for us but of course we didn't get the message till today and is Sunday so I will call tomorrow to see what the news is please pray that it is indeed good news because we have to find something soon and if we don't we have to move in with family and no one has the room for us.

My sister is leaving us she has decided to go back to her mother right before the hearing!It's nice that we did all that work to get everything set up and now she doesn't want to be here anymore!! Oh well it opens more options for housing i guess though I will miss her as I am sure the kids will to.


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