Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Scrapes and Bug Bites

(The Big Bump with the red dot is the Bug Bite! Huge Huh!?)
(The Long Scratch is the Rug Burn!)

I can't believe I forgot to right this! Logan was playing on Friday and Carl and I were calling around and getting ready to go to renew our ID's and turn in the Guardianship papers when we heard Logan in what we thought was his room.Then I heard noises up stairs so I screamed to Carl Hurry the Baby's Up Stairs!!!! No sooner then I said that we heard him falling down the stairs Carl and I were already running so he was there and caught him mid air but he fell down 7 steps before we got there and it is only a few feet away wow.......................7 Steps and all her had wrong was rug burn on his head that now looks like a cut. 7 steps in just a few seconds those 7 steps could have took our Baby's life!! So he was acting normal and walking around but we still called the doctor who told us as long as he didn't loss consciousness we could just watch him and come in if he had problems.He is fine but it taught me to be more careful. He likes to play with doors and the door to the stairs must not have latched all the way after the boys left for school I always check it but I was so so busy it must have slipped my mind so we are putting a baby gate there!

Then today Joey was running through his room slipped and hit his head on the tv. Its a pretty good gash but it will heal. Poor Boy!!

Now for the bug bites. I think Logan is allergic to mosquitoes because he gets golf ball size lumps when he get bitten I mean they are huge my poor boy we put anti itch cream on them but they look awful!!



Lorette said...

You have very sweet children. Keeping you in my thoughts. Kind Regards from South Africa

Melissa.M.Loss said...

Thank you so so Much Lorette. I am so so Grateful!

Jenn said...

Awwwww! Poor baby! Isn't it funny how your brain wants to still think of them as little babies, but then they do something and it scares you how fast they're growing up!? Put up that baby gate! Love you guys!

Melissa.M.Loss said...

Thanks Jenn!! I can't believe how big he is!! I am coming to see you so and bring those cloths!!We just might move to Gh!! Love you to!!