Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just a Women

Here I am just a women. Not a super women not a hero Just a Women ,a Wife a Mother. I don't have super powers and I can't pull out my Bible and find scripture for every thing(though I wish I could) I can not come up with some super awesome blog and wow every one but I can be real and tell every one that reads this my heart and soul. No other place have I ever opened my self up like I have here. I am Just one Women with all these words writing them in hope that they help another women in this world.To show some one else they are not alone.

I sure feel alone some times when I sit here and type. I feel like I have no friends like I am to difficult for people to handle like I am a burden on others more then any thing else.

I try to help people as much as I can I really do but then they are not there to help me or if they are it has conditions behind it I give with out condition I don't understand why others can't. I would do any thing any thing for the ones I love and not think twice or say any thing about it. But when I need something when I am scared and need some one to help it never comes or it comes with strings and dates attached.

Huh I am just a women I just wish I didn't feel this way I wish I didn't need help didn't ever have to ask and I wish that people didn't make me feel upset about being a giving person I dont want to be that way I want to give with happiness. I have never asked for any thing in return and love to give. I just need help to. Huh I don't know I guess I am rambling.Sorry I am just scared about what the future holds for my family. Know I pray for you all often!


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