Saturday, June 13, 2009


(the date on this picture is wrong it was taken today!)

After speaking with Liam's mother(the boy from the worlds strongest toddler)Dana and showing her pictures of Bryan I have decided to pursue testing for Bryan because Dana said that Bryan Looks Very slimier to Liam.I really think he has something like Liam. I have never seen another kid that looks like Bryan and when I watched the TLC show I was contently saying that kid looks like my Bryan!! Whats even cooler is that Liam go's to the same genetics as Bryan so that means that I do not have to have a referral because Bryan is already a patient remember Bryan's doctor dose not think he has it(peds really don't know)So I am going to all on Monday and see. I am just happy we finely found some one who looks kind of like Bryan in body style (besides his dad)Thank you Dana If you read this for taking the time to talk to me and look at my son's pictures!!

I will write more later on I am at my sisters at the moment!


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