Monday, June 8, 2009

Hurt and Confused.

Why are people so heartless? Don't they see some of us are really hurting and trying to find our way through grief with out them coming along and making it worse. I don't like people that lie but I will pray that God forgives you and all involved.

I love all the people who pray and continue to pray for us it means so so much to us all. We are having a rough time but we do have an appointment to see a house tomorrow and it looks like Carl will get a full week this week so I am praying hard for that. Thank you Thank you to all that care about us and pray we need it.

Please keep praying.Praise we are less stressed and not fighting as much today!! I am still really scared about where we will end up but I have faith that we will be where we need to be.Thanks to all.Pray for all the people that are hurting right now. Please know that I pray for you all.


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drewf said...

My mother lost a boy between me and my next oldest sibling. They never really talked about the loss. I just got bits and pieces from my parents. When I was in therapy in my twenties, I hollered at my therapist. "Why do I feel so bad about a brother I never knew?" My therapist told me I had a relationship with that boy. His absence was palpable. It made me feel better to know that it was alright to mourn. My eldest brother died of cancer. It wasn't until his cat died that my parents really cried that I could see. They were wrapped up so tight. I got them to talk. Mourning for a child is a matter of years not days. Blessed are those who mourn they shall be comforted.