Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh Memorys!!

I just had a jog in my memory as I was posting a comment on a blog!! Logan wasn't suppose to make it. We were told 3 times there was no hope and don't get exited because we found a heart beat it could take a day or to for you to lose the baby!! We were devastated really!One even told us look your baby's more then likely dead and if its not it will be in the next 48 hours sorry!When the months passed and Logan was still alive and kicking we were over Joyed (months of bed rest Ugh but so worth it!).Then once we had him Carl made a point to take him to every single doctor who told us there was no hope that we would lose him and show them our Miracle our Rainbow after the Storm of Losing our Daughter and a really rough pregnancy and all they could do was shake their heads and say well you never know what will happen in these cases sorry!! I Love that memory I love the look on their faces and the Joy our son brings to all around him he is perfect and we Love him. Thank You Hunny for showing those doctors how wrong they were!!
This is what we saw the day they told us to brace ourselves our baby is probably dead!! He was waving right at us like hey I am here and I am head up haha!!
the tech wasn't suppose to give us the picture but she did any way because they told her the baby was going to die and she wanted to make sure we had a picture of him alive!I wish I could Thank her for that she was my clam in the storm of that day the one medical person to give me hope and peace!!

The End Result: This Beautiful Living Perfect (37 week 2 day born) Pink and Healthy little Baby Boy Logan Lee Our Rainbow!

I wish I could say these words about Sonya I Miss and Love Her so so Much!
I Miss You My Baby Girl My Sweet Sonya Marie!!

Thanks for reading and Thanks to all that Pray! Please keep Praying for Us We really need it!!


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