Monday, June 15, 2009

Let down again.

Well we can't buy a house because we have 1400 dollars in debt we have to take care of. So the search go's on and on and on! Why can't we find anything we are good people we pay are rent!! Ugh it is so so frustrating I have a huge headache now and I have no idea what we will do!! I am so so stressed!! I hate being in this ordeal We have never been where we are now we have never worried about where we will go or if we will be out on the streets. I am so scared and every time there is hope something happens and we have to start all over again. We just need a break something to give so we can have some where to live. I have been searching for months.I am so so stressed. I don't want my baby's not to have a home. Why must this always happen to us?? Please Lord Help us find a home we can afford and will be able to stay in!!Please Pray for us we need it!


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Emily said...

Sounds like you are under a lot of stress- I hope you find something soon! Thanks for your kind words on my Stepping Stones blog.

peace- emily