Friday, June 5, 2009


I am broken. I am emotionally strand and so stressed that I feel I will have a break down.I know so many people have such bigger problems then I and I feel silly but I am so wore down so broken that I have to let it out. My body is falling apart I have Djd and Tmj my back is in endless pain and I can't open my mouth with out searing pain in my joint ears and temples! I have so many headaches I have gotten use to them. I cant even clip my sons nails with out feeling like my hands are on fire and wanting to scream! I don't want to eat because if I chew wrong my jaw slips and my teeth slam to gather. I also have diverticulitis and have so much pain in my stomach I feel like I am going to literally die oh and I have no insurance because we can't afford it so I haven't been to the doctor in some time (like I should!). Why am I falling apart? I am so sorry you all have to listen to me feeling sorry for my self! I am just so beat down that every thing is getting to me and I am over emotional an emotional wrack!! Thank you all who pray for me!



Jenn said...

I feel ya...I'm falling apart too...constant toothaches, and a recurring sinus infection...
Ugh...sometimes I hate this country...lets move to Canada!

Melissa.M.Loss said...

Yay Canada!!