Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ok Pictures of the Hair Cut

As promised here are pictures of before and after my Son Bryan Cut his Beautiful Hair!!
This is My Son in April right before the first time he cut it!Isn't He beautiful!This is How it was before this Last time He cut itThis it It Now! I am so so sad!!

On another note we found a house just trying to find the funds and I am waiting for a call back from the person. Thank you to every one who Prays for us.

Logan is feeling a little better Thanks for the prays for him to. I think Logan may have fell and bruised his tailbone because I was changing him and noticed some bruising in that area? I am the only one to change him right now so I know no one is hurting him but he dose fall on his butt a lot. My poor little Man!!

Thanks to All!Please keep us in your Prayers!



Jenn said...

Where is the house at?!

Melissa.M.Loss said...

In Lakeside.